Quality Management
Society's actions are reflected in the product quality. This is what we care most without any compromise. Our highly sophisticated quality management guarantees constant superior quality of the products.
The quality management system is operated before the first material is delivered to the plant. The material requirements are exactly specified in line with the norms and provisions applicable in the production practice. Such requirements are met in Europe by a few suppliers specialized in material production, such as aluminum. Due to our constant relations with these suppliers we can permanently ensure the profile of the special material, as well as its specific formula.
The documentation process starts as soon as the material in delivered to the company. The Melt Flow index, the material density and humidity level of the plastic material are verified. O great focus is placed on the verification of the appropriate product transportation, whereas the features of the aluminum surfaces are examined. Lamination gas is introduced in the pipe together with the plastic material. After cooling, the examination is carried out in a airtight room in order to detect the smallest non-conformities in terms of tightness. The special photo cameras check the exterior surfaces for any deficiencies and defects. The production examination continues with the interior and exterior diameter and the wall thickness.

The uniform joining of the tube layers and the features of the plastic material are verified in the lab.
Test cycles
The verification cycles included in our production are superior to the required interval regulation. Controls are carried out 25 times more often.

Significant know-how in relation to the new products
The large number of conducted measurements has a positive effect on the statistic evaluation. These evaluations are of much help during the development process of new products, as they prevent costly experiences due to failure and help reach a safe result more promptly.
Innovation and progress
This is just the beginning in terms of the expectations targeting multi-layer tubes. In addition to the standard program, we are permanently seeking new solutions for the installation market. However, there are also other application areas that are becoming increasingly more interesting. The technical evolution of the new plastic materials generates some features of the tubes that one could not even imagine in the past.

Similar to the previous experiments involving PE-RT tubes, we already have a very close relationship with plastic material producers, having assumed an intermediary role. Thus, this will allow the definition of new capacity limits and an essential improvement in the handling method.
Our vision
We don’t believe production efficiency means observing some minimum requirements in an area as wide as possible. For us, efficiency relates to the constant implementation of our achievement potential.
Production characteristics
If products are made from homogeneous materials, the process is easily carried out within the standard values. If different materials are used, such as plastic material and metals, there occur a lot of influence factors that must be finely adjusted to fit each other. That is why technology and machinery control have a special role in our plant.
Human factor
An experimented machinery driver knows all the factors that could influence the production process. Due to such know-how, he is not only capable of recognizing the smallest deviations in the production process, but is the most important partner in the drawing-up process. In case of the implementation of the new concept of machinery, this experience has been materialized in its own production procedure.

The machinery components are thus configured, so that the material should be processed in the safest way possible.

Plastic material
The reliability and characteristics of the plastic material do not depend solely on the raw material used at a later stage, on a daily basis, for the tube. Thus, the shear forces on the side of the snails have been avoided and the material was processed in a safe way.

At temperatures over 200 °C and at high pressure, the effect of such forces on temperature distribution is easy to explain. In case of such a thermal load, the stabilizers that contribute to the reliability of the material can break down.

The aluminum welded pipe does not contribute solely to a high resistance to pressure, but to the defined bending resistance and tightness against oxygen outflow as well. The surface also influences the behavior of the joining with plastic materials. Drawing up the best surface structure guarantees permanent and superior adherence between the metal and the plastic material. Thus, the characteristics of all components supplement each other in an optimum combination.

End product
Our clients praise the superior quality and reliability of our products imposed in our detailed documentations.


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