The probe
The probes with immersion heater in the ground, made of stratified metal pipe, are used, depending on their type, at depths of approx. 20.0 - 35.0 for collecting energy from the ground with the help of some water ground/water heat pumps.

Due to its helical design, the probe with immersion heater in the ground has a higher energy collection capacity compared to the conventional probes. The principle of a helical heat exchanger can be applied preferentially due to its structural advantages in other areas as well, like the hot water accumulator and the buffer accumulator.

Due to its superior capacity the drilling depth can be reduced (in line with the appropriate geological ratios), thus making significant savings.

The stratified metal pipe has very good mounting characteristics, such as low elongation, form stability and low bending radii. The direction of the connection pipes can be easily changed manually.
The connections can be promptly and hygienically carried out, at any temperature, through a fitting system pressed on the raw material.

The system is especially suitable in cases where the authorities have not authorized drilling at a higher depth or where only machinery with lower drilling can be used.

Moreover, drilling at lower depths is more eco-friendly, as there won't be penetrated several levels of ground water. This will ensure the constant supply of drinking water.
Because: "Drinking water supply is more important than energy collection".


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