Calculation minimum number of ground probes
35.0 m probe configuration example:
Adopted volumetric flow rate: 2353 L/h

Max. Volumetric flow rate / probe:
2353 L/h : 600 L/h = 3.92 probes
meaning that in this case 4 probes were incorporated

Calculation of the collection power per probe:

8000 W / 4 probes = 2000 W / probe

The drilling depth that must be determined:

The first 7.0 m will be configured as vertical pipe.
For this partial section we consider at first a global collection power of 25 W/m, that is 7,0 m x 25 W/m = 175 W.

The entire probe must collect 2000 W
2000 W - 175 W = 1825 W the required collection power for the spiral pipe.

1825 W : 27.5 m spiral pipe-probe = 66.3 W/m
In case of ground with lower collection power, you will have to incorporate ore probes

The spiral pipe of the 35 m probe, with maximum elongation level, can collect energy up to 100 W/m (up to 85 W/m in case of the glycol/water mixture).

In case of geological strata that provide a higher collection power, you won't have to drill up to the maximum depth of 35 m.
You are not allowed, however, to reduce the number of probes, as the circulated water quantity will not be sufficient any more.

[ Please observe the information specifications on the collection power included in the VDI 4640 provisions ]

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