Examples for various geological conditions

Measurement of the pressure losses and the pipe diameter nominal

The constant pressure loss always depends of the water-ground pump of the heat pump. In case of a probe installation you must consider and notify its developer, if necessary, the constant pressure loss for dimensioning the pipe linking the distributor to the heat pump. In case of the GERES probes the advantage is that the pressure loss per probe is always the same, so that you don't have to measure it again.

The pressure loss is indicated with the following measurement units:
Pa (Pascal);
mbar 100 Pa = 1.0 mbar; 10,000 Pa = 100 mbar
m Transport height (return pump)
100 mbar = 1m

The pressure loss of a probe installation takes place on the following segments:

  GERES probe
(2)  Pipe linking the GERES probe to the distributor
      (only the length of the pipe located farthest from the probe must always be taken into account)
(3)  Distributor
(4)  The pipe linking the distributor to the heat pump
(5)  Individual resistances in the heat pump, e.g.

      ca de ex. water/ground pump, block valves, pipes, U-bend pipes, vaporizer etc.

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